About iBurst

The iBurst way

iBurst is part of the Multisource Group of Companies. Combining organic and acquisitive growth, Multisource has become a leading telecommunications provider in Southern Africa.  In November 2015, Multisource successfully acquired WBS Holdings (Pty) Ltd. WBS was established in 1999 and owns 100% of iBurst (Pty) Ltd and 70% of Broadlink (Pty) Ltd.
Wireless Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd holds an Individual Electronic Communications Network Service (IECNS) and an Individual Electronic Communications Service (IECS) Licenses and the South African license for the iBurst Mobile Broadband Internet Technology.
iBurst (Pty) Ltd is the exclusive Service Provider Company to Wireless Business Solutions and has been in operation since 1 May 2005.

iBurst Vision
To provide our customers with quality services for global connectivity in the South African market.
To be a reliable gateway for communications by offering innovative products with the highest levels of customer service, whilst building stakeholder value.

iBurst Values

    Customer Satisfaction





Reasons to choose iBurst
iBurst users worldwide have found that there are three main reasons to choose this technology:

  • iBurst offers the speed of DSL in a mobile environment. Thanks to frequency interference reduction, users obtain stable speeds that are faster than other mobile Internet offerings.
  • iBurst is portable and can be used across a wide area with a single base station. It is distinctive in that its handover capabilities allow users to move freely between base stations, broadening the range of activity.
  • Our system is built on an IP base for simplicity, allowing a network to be established quickly and at relatively low cost. iBurst operates in a regulated environment in South Africa and is one of six licensees currently allowed to offer telecommunications services.

Our company is recognised as a leading contributor to the betterment of people’s lives by steadfastly complying with the license conditions negotiated with the Independent Communications Authority of SA (ICASA) and focusing on the provision of broadband to previously disadvantaged communities
iBurst BEE empowered

BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) is one of those buzzwords that is tossed around like confetti at a wedding. But what does it mean in real terms?

To us it means that we at iBurst are committed to creating and maintaining the principles of equal opportunity.
So, our company strategy embraces values of recruitment that are aimed at a fair representation of all South African race groups at all levels. The rainbow nation in one company, as it were.

We also believe that involvement in social responsibility programmes is a key investment in the development of the South African economy.
Where we stand

iBurst has been rated by a recognised BEE verification agency as a BEE compliant company. This means we have a valid BEE scorecard.
The technicalities

BEE is a requirement of the Government of the Republic of South Africa. Our commitment to it is in line with:

    the provisions of the ICT (Information Communication Technology ) Charters;
    the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act that sets guidelines for compliances with the values of BEE;
    and the Codes of Good Practice on Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment.