iBurst Wireless Network

We are no longer signing up new Customers on our iBurst Wireless Network, however, we are continuing the roll-out of LTE-A. On a daily basis we are enrolling existing (and past) iBurst users for this new service on a no obligation basis. When the network is ‘customer ready’ we will begin the process of signing up enrolees to the new network. This is scheduled to begin shortly.

From 24th February 2017, the first phase of the iBurst network decommissioning will begin. Whilst every reasonable effort will be made to limit disruption, there may be instances where service is disrupted either temporarily or permanently. For the majority of our customers this will have little or no impact and services will continue to be rendered by iBurst and billed in accordance with our agreements.

We have created an online site status tool inside the Customer Zone. This tool will enable you to see if the base station nearest your use location is affected. Please log in to access this map to stay updated.