iBurst will no longer support, the provision of non-core services, such as Cell C services. This service has become unviable. Accordingly, iBurst has no option but to terminate this Cell C service with you.

TheSubscriber Standard Terms and Conditions, which govern the relationship between you and iBurst, provides for a termination under these circumstances subject to the provision, by iBurst, of 20 business days’ notice to you, the subscriber.

You are hereby advised that your Cell C service will be terminated on 2ndMarch 2017. For the avoidance of doubt the 2ndMarch 2017 will be the last day on which iBurst will provide you, the subscriber, with the Cell C service.

The Cell C dongle that you use with this service will be able to support an alternative SIM from another provider of your choosing and you should liaise directly with your chosen provider in terms of any new contract or SIM service taken.