iBurst will no longer support, the provision of non-core services, such as ADSL. This service has become unviable. Accordingly, iBurst has no option but to terminate this ADSL service with you.

TheSubscriber Standard Terms and Conditions, which govern the relationship between you and iBurst, provides for a termination under these circumstances subject to the provision, by iBurst, of 20 business days’ notice to you, the subscriber.

You are hereby advised that your ADSL service will be terminated on 2ndMarch 2017. For the avoidance of doubt the 2ndMarch 2017 will be the last day on which iBurst will provide you, the subscriber, with the ADSL service.

The decision to terminate ADSL services was not taken lightly and we have partnered with MWEB who have made a special deal available to all existing iBurst ADSL customers. Details of this offer are shown below.

You are not obliged to enter in to a contract with MWEB and are free to engage with any service provider of your choosing, however MWEB has a long and proven track record in the provision of ADSL services and we feel confident that you will be in good hands should you decide to choose MWEB as your new service provider.

Next Steps:

A.If you pay your ADSL Line rental directly to Telkom.
  1. Continue to pay your Telkom bill directly to Telkom
  2. Choose a new service provider for your data service (MWEB for example).
  3. Once signed up with the service provider of your choice they will step you through the process of configuring your Router/Modem with the new account credentials.
  4. That’s it – you should be up and running in minutes.

B.If you pay your ADSL Line rental AND ADSL service (data package) subscriptions to iBurst directly, please contact your new ISP for the Line migration process.

If you have any other services with iBurst (such as email) these will remain available to you for 90 days following termination by which time you will need to have made arrangements for the transfer of your emails to a new email address and provider.


Sign-up for4Mbps Uncapped ADSL Datafrom R199 per month OR150GB + Uncapped* Night Time Datafrom R145 per month.

Don’t miss out – SMS your name to 43115 to find out more about these and other great deals! It’ll take less than 15 minutes to get you up & running on MWEB ADSL.

T&Cs apply. Excludes the cost of all line rentals. ADSL is a best effort service and speeds are “up to”. *Night time data period is 00:00 to 08:00 daily.