Below are a list of questions we think you may have for us. Please read through them, and then contact us if you are still unsure:

Why are you upgrading the iBurst Network?

While our nationwide network has been providing South Africans with affordable bandwidth and connectivity for well over a decade, it has become outdated and costly to maintain. The existing iBurst technology does not provide the connectivity speeds demanded by today’s users and is being replaced by high-speed LTE-A technologies such as the one we will be upgrading the iBurst network to.

When will migration start?

We aim to start migrating interested customers to our new LTE-A network May 2017. If you have arrangements with third party providers of iBurst you should continue to liaise with them for continued updates. Log on to the website Customer Zone at the end of February, to view the LTE-A coverage map that will change and grow as we roll-out the new network. If you have enrolled your interest on the website, we will call you when LTE-A becomes available in your area.

When will my iBurst Wireless service be terminated?

The first phase of the iBurst network decommissioning began on the 24 February 2017. Whilst we will make every reasonable effort to limit disruption, there may be instances where service is disrupted either temporarily or permanently before you can move over to LTE-A. All customers were emailed on the 24th January 2017, an advisory, which serves to provide everyone with 30-days’ notice of possible service disruption. If you are affected (meaning that your service is unusable or non-existent) you may request cancellation of your iBurst contract which will be dealt with quickly and efficiently based on the published date that the base station in question went offline.

What happens between now and my migration date if applicable?

Most people will continue to receive the iBurst service as before.

Effective 01 December we Supersized your data packages at no additional cost to you. After the 24th February 2017 iBurst Wireless Decommissioning commenced and for the majority of our customers this will have little or no impact and services will continue to be rendered by iBurst and billed in accordance with our agreement with you.


We have created an online site status tool inside our Customer Zone. Log in to the Customer Zone on our website to make use of this tool. You will be able to see if the base station nearest your use location (which may differ from that held on our information systems) is affected and the closest alternative base stations nearby. Note your modem will automatically seek the nearest alternative base station, where one is available, and you need take no further action. If your service is disrupted beyond that what is unacceptable to you, or you can no longer connect, please call the LTE-A Migration Team on 087 727 6550 to cancel your contract. You can also email a request to cancel to Make sure that you include your Account Number and contact details.


What happens to my iBurst equipment after the service is no longer available?

The iBurst equipment will become obsolete once the network is decommissioned and cannot be re-used. We encourage you to dispose of your old iBurst equipment in an environmentally responsible manner.

What is this new LTE-A service you refer to?

LTE Advanced is a mobile communication standard and a major enhancement of the Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard currently deployed across certain areas of South Africa. As part of the initial deployment of our LTE-A network and the migration path for existing iBurst customers this will be offered as a fixed wireless solution where users will have a physical home device connected to the network. We anticipate this new technology will provide connectivity speeds of up to 20 times that delivered by iBurst’s current (1Mb/sec) technology. Note: LTE-A is a best efforts service and as such we cannot guarantee download speeds. We can only give a performance guide based on our coverage surveys and local topography.

Am I covered by the new LTE-A network?

We aim to have initial LTE-A coverage guides available at the end of March 2017.

Do I qualify for any promotions on the new LTE-A Service because I am an existing iBurst customer?

Yes, you do. By Enrolling your no obligation interest on the website, you will receive an exclusive introductory offer for the new LTE-A service once this is available in your area. Details of this are on our website when you Enroll. Once you have enrolled we will be in contact with you to provide further details. Enrollment is open until 31 March 2017.

Will I need a new router for the LTE-A service and what will it cost?

Yes. A new router will be required. If you have enrolled your interest in the new LTE-A service, a representative will be in touch to make the necessary arrangements if you wish to take up one of our LTE-A exclusive iBurst customer deals.

What if my area is not covered by the new LTE-A service when iBurst shuts off?

The coverage offered will develop over time as we roll-out more coverage. We cannot guarantee all iBurst users will be covered from day one however we do recommend you check our available coverage online which will assist you in planning a suitable alternative to iBurst. Coverage maps for LTE-A will be available online at the end of March 2017.

How much will the new LTE-A service cost?

You will need to log in to the Customer Zone on our website and enroll your interest in order to view the LTE-A packages available. These are exclusively available to existing and past iBurst Customers with valid IB numbers.

What bandwidth speeds will I be able to get from the new service?

We will update you via the website on network roll-out and anticipated speeds available, however initial testing has revealed speeds in excess of 20 times faster than that offered by the existing (1MB/sec) iBurst network.

Can I use my existing iBurst modem for the new service?

No you cannot. This equipment will become obsolete once the iBurst network becomes unavailable.

If I want to cancel my iBurst account now, what do I do?

Many of you are on month-to-month contracts with iBurst but check your agreement to be sure or contact us and we’ll confirm your cancellation terms. We have Supersized all existing iBurst customer packages at no charge during the migration phase so you might want to stay with us a bit longer and enjoy a service upgrade at no extra cost. If you are affected by Decommissioning which commenced on 24 February 2017, (meaning that your service is unusable or non-existent) you can request cancellation of your iBurst contract which will be dealt with quickly and efficiently based on the published date that the base station in question went offline. We will also endeavour to migrate you to LTE-A in these circumstances where coverage is available.

How does iBurst Supersized initiative work?

As an existing iBurst customer you have been Supersized as of 1 December 2016. This means your existing service package from iBurst has been upgraded in terms of data offered free of charge. You will see a sizeable increase in data available to you.

Will there be a disruption to my iBurst service when you start deploying LTE-A in my area?

We will try to minimize any disruption or down time during the implementation of LTE-A through a well-managed migration programme. Disruption however will normally mean that LTE-A is being rolled out and we suggest you enroll your interest as soon as possible and see if there is an LTE-A package that suits your requirements. If you experience disruption and haven’t heard from us feel free to call and one of our representatives will clarify the issue and, if applicable, explain your options for migrating to the new LTE-A service. Enrollment is available up until 31 March 2017.

When will the new LTE-A service be available in my area?

We will keep you fully informed as we roll out the LTE-A network and this information will be continuously updated on our website. We encourage you to Enroll your interest and check online to see how your area is affected or likely to be affected. Online coverage tools will be available end March 2017.

What if I have multiple modems on my existing iBurst account, in various locations? How will you migrate all these locations to LTE-A?

If you are one of our customers who assign multiple iBurst modems in multiple locations to a single iBurst account, these modems will stop working based on the geographical location of the modems and the roll-out of the new LTE-A network. You should contact a service representative if you think you are affected in this way. We will not be offering this service on the new LTE-A network.

Why are you only signing LTE-A up on short term month to month contracts?

This is an interim step whilst we decommission the old iBurst network. Longer term 12/24 month contracts will be available to you after this initial period.

What happens to my Value-Added Services?

If you make use of:

  • Virtual Fax
  • Fax2Email
  • iCall
  • email address
  • email address
  • Static IP Addresses

These services will be terminated 3 months after the iBurst network is completely decommissioned. With regard to iCall, 087 numbers unfortunately are not portable, the rest are portable to another network. Please make the necessary arrangements to port.

Value-Added Service: Domains
If you have a domain with iBurst, we urge you to make new hosting arrangements immediately and before your services are terminated. Select a new hosting ISP and will initiate the transfer of the domain. Please send us an eMail as the account holder, indicating that you are transferring your domain, and to which ISP we will be releasing it to.


Can I sign up an ADSL account with you?

No. We will no longer offer ADSL connectivity as an option through iBurst.

What happens if I am an iBurst customer that has Cell C or ADSL service through iBurst?

If you make use of these services, you will have received a Termination of Service as follows:

Cell C: Your last day of service is 2nd March 2017 (including email address)

ADSL: Your last day of service is 2nd March 2017 (including email address)

Please make the necessary arrangements to secure another ISP for these services.

Can I upgrade/renew my existing iBurst contract and Value-Added service/s with you?

No more contract package renewals will be done. These will only continue on a month to month basis during the migration process. No new Value-Added services will be signed up. These Value Added Services will be terminated 3 months after the iBurst network is completely decommissioned in 2017.

Will there be Uncapped LTE-A packages on offer?

No uncapped packages will be on offer with the new LTE-A service. Currently, we have 3 competitively priced capped packages.

When I Enroll, does this mean you are going to start debiting my account now?

Enrollment purely registers your no obligation in the LTE-A service. Once we have a product available for you we will be in touch to establish if an LTE-A contract is right for you and only then agree the next steps with you to sign you up.

If I am an iBurst User, contracted through another ISP, can I still Enroll my interest and be eligible for the introductory pricing?

It doesn’t matter whether you are contracted directly to iBurst or through a reseller – you are welcome to enroll your interest, obligation free, for our new LTE-A service. This is purely a registration of interest in LTE-A.

Once I am in contract on LTE-A, will my unused data carry over to the next month?

Product details are currently being finalised and once we launch a product for you these details will be published accordingly.

Question/Answer not covered here?

If your question isn’t covered adequately here please email us at